Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One to Read: Red by EJ Koh

Spirits are about obedience.
Wakes are about themselves.
Sera and Azel are about neither.
They could be about each other,
but Sera’s only passion is revenge.
And the only thing more powerful than revenge
is what she could become because of it,
the power deep inside her,
after everything goes red.

I bought this one awhile ago but only freed up enough time to read it in the past week, but it is blowing me away. Red is innovative fiction. Like nothing I've ever read before, and I have explored most facets of experimental literature. The style is unique; something like if Gene Wolfe was raised on Bleach re-runs. This is a very good thing. Besides being written well with a distinct style, the story is intriguing as all get out. I'm not quite halfway through the book at this point, but if you're a fan of Yoon Ha Lee, Catherynne Valente, or Aliette de Bodard's blending of fantasy, science fiction, and mythology, this one will leave you gobsmacked.

EJ Koh is one to keep an eye on. She's going places that most veteran writers are scared to tread.

And did I mention it has one of the best book trailers I've ever seen?

Red by EJ Koh
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