Friday, June 14, 2013

iPad: One Week On

I finally got a full-sized tablet, and that tablet is an iPad. Truthfully, it was an easy decision. I love Android, but the only full-sized Android tablet I would even consider is the Nexus 10. However, most Android apps are made for smartphones or small tablets, and scalability to the pixel powerhouse that is the Nexus 10 is sketchy at best. I also wanted a tablet that would be somewhat future proof, and there didn't seem to be much talk of a new iPad anytime soon. So I got one.

It. Is. Amazing.

Jumping from the seven inch, first generation Kindle Fire, to the monster iPad 4 is akin to upgrading from a Tercel to the Starship Enterprise. I had no idea the utility of a tablet until I made the jump to the full-sized arena. I can type comfortably on the iPad's touchscreen; something I never thought I would say about any touchscreen ever. The apps are gorgeous and responsive. Load times seem to be nonexistent. The m***********g thing can run the Unreal 3 Engine like its Unity.

Without a doubt, the iPad 4 has more raw power than my laptop. Of course, this isn't saying much as the laptop is a loaner from my sister and over three years old. Still, I have never had this sort of intuitive experience with technology before.

This iPad marks my second Apple purchase. Eight years ago, I bought a 60 gig iPod. It was innovative, amazing, but also prone to crashing, dying, and being unreliable. I went through four hard drives and two bodies with that iPod. The iPad has redeemed Apple products in my eyes.

Now, I know no one out there is saying, "But what about the Surface RT?" I didn't even consider Microsoft because I can't stand the direction they're going. Windows 8 is foreign enough that I decided to learn Ubuntu instead. Their Surface tablets may be technologically impressive, but pretty poor in real world conditions. And I think this whole Xbox One thing they're trying to peddle is an all around terrible idea (it pains me to say this as I remember the promise of the original Xbox). In other words, I'm jumping ship and looking for a new ecosystem to inhabit.

And, as weird as it sounds to me, I think Apple may be the best option for a writer like me.

I will have many more posts on the iPad in the future including posts on games, writing apps, cloud apps, and the usual iPad spiels. For now though, these are my recs:

True Skate (still trying to do a 900)
The Room (beat it in two obsessive, eldritch days)
Kingdom Rush (Tower Defense ftw)

Tweetbot (clean and responsive)
Hangouts (for chatting)
GMail (for email)
Google Drive (for writing)
Evernote (for writing)
Chrome (for browsing)
Feedly (it's okay for now, but I may be jumping ship to a new RSS app)

I still need suggestions for the best Outlining apps and good, non-biased News apps. Also, if you have recommendations for any good apps, please comment. I'm new to this whole Apple thing.

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