Monday, August 12, 2013

Writing Progress Report for Week of August 5th, 2013

Total words written for week of August 5th, 2013: 7437
Writing streak: 46 days
Total words written during streak: 39409
Average daily wordcount for the week: 1062
Average daily wordcount for the streak: 866

Short post this week as I started my new job today and it's wiped me out a bit. It also isn't a job where I can write when it gets slow unlike my last job (goodbye Lawn Care Express and thank you for hiring me when I desperately needed a job), so my writing time is going to be heavily weighed toward writing. You'll see less of me on the blog and on Twitter, although I still will post here at least once a week and on Twitter a few times a day, mostly in the evenings.

Anyway, the words. I had a huge week, averaging over a thousand words a day and smashing my self-imposed 7000 word goal for the week. I'm aiming for another 7000 word week this week.

On the novel front, I have no idea how many words total I have, but I know it's well over 10000 by this point. I'm enjoying the words a lot and the story makes me want to write everyday. Most importantly, I believe this is a novel I will be able to hammer-edit into something shiny and fun to look at. I'll update you more on Mecha Fighting Academy Novel when I can.

Anyway, how's your writing?

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